NFL Betting – In spite of the difficulty some may have while placing wagers on NFL games, those who are dedicated to improving their chances of winning may always improve their betting strategies. It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to betting on professional football or a seasoned pro, having a solid betting strategy in place for both the regular season and the playoffs is crucial.

Bet Like a Pro with These Expert NFL Predictions

Wish we could provide you a certain technique to make money betting on football, but that’s not the case. We can’t tell you the ideal method to bet on the NFL (or any other league, for that matter), but we can give you some basic ideas to increase your chances of winning your football bets, whether you’re using a spread or betting the moneyline.

Gamble logically, not emotionally

Even though it’s probably clear, many gamblers nonetheless have trouble keeping their emotions in check. Our own prejudices make us human. Whether it’s a rooting interest in one team or a loathing of another, it’s not simple to set such feelings aside.

But here’s the thing: the simplest method to make better bets when betting on the NFL online is to become more impartial. You don’t need a well-thought-out plan based on rigorous mathematical analysis; simply use your head. It’s important to keep an eye on the best lines and odds so you don’t get trapped into a favoritism black hole.

Losing money while rooting for your favorite team (at least) 16 times a year is no fun at all. Be conscious of your prejudices and strive to avoid making selections based simply on preference to become a wiser sports bettor and discover an advantage over the bookies. Don’t just put all your money on the Baltimore Ravens or Kansas City Chiefs because you’re a huge fan or they’ve won the Super Bowl before. This may be all the more alluring to gamblers in the Sunflower State if online sports betting in Kansas becomes available on September 1, 2022.

Keep in Mind the Venue of the Game

There are certain stadiums where the home-field advantage is more significant than others. The New England Patriots, for instance, have a home record of 42-6 SU and 32-14-2 ATS from 2014-2018. Since 2003, the Seahawks have a remarkable 103-41 record in Seattle.

Those two clubs, though, aren’t the only ones in a position of strength. Before placing your bets, check the home and away records of each teams.

It’s also possible to find squads that struggle while away from home. From 2014-2018 (a period of five seasons), the San Francisco 49ers were a dismal 9-31 away from home, enough for the third-worst record in the NFL. Even worse, they were 16-22-2 against the spread (fourth-worst in the NFL). Even worse, the Texans were only 2-6 against the spread on the road in 2016.

It is also necessary to know when and where the teams played the prior week. There are significant disadvantages for certain teams. Teams from the Pacific Time Zone have less of an adjustment period when playing in the Eastern Time Zone, while teams from the Eastern Time Zone are at a significant disadvantage when playing on the Pacific Coast, three hours later than they are used to.

Lastly, some indoor teams don’t always do well when they go to the outdoors. An outdoor game for Drew Brees, for instance, would result in a passer rating of just 90.3, down from 102.5 in a dome. Moreover, this is all crucial knowledge for those who wager on the NFL.

Be familiar with the pairings between players

Despite football being hailed as “the ultimate team sport,” there are some one-on-one matches that may have a major impact on the final score.

For instance, the best edge-rushers in the NFL will have their way with a poor offensive tackle. Take note of any significant skill gaps between the two competing players.

Bettors in the NFL should give special attention to head-to-head contests involving coaches. Against win against certain opponents and lose to others, every coach relies on tried and true tactics. It’s common for coaches to learn about one other’s strategies and tactics, and some are more adept than others in reacting to their opponents’ moves.

Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick are an outstanding case in point here. When coaching against Coughlin, Belichick was 2-5 in the 2018 season, despite the Patriots’ dominance under his watch.

Don’t Rely on Trends Alone

It’s not always a terrible idea to wager on NFL games in accordance with the current trends, since historical patterns might provide important insights. For instance, when playing after a bye week, the Bears were 12-5 ATS from 2010-2018, while the 49ers were only 5-11 ATS over same span of time.

A team’s offense may not be clicking even though they had scored 49 points the week before. Examine the past and remember how each point was scored. Perhaps a cornerback made a crucial mistake that led to a long touchdown throw. Maybe some of those scores came from the opposition’s defense. Maybe it was only because they were facing the Browns.

When constructing a football betting strategy, the most astute gamblers constantly consider the story behind the statistics.

Find Out If There Have Been Any Injuries

Because of the importance of teamwork in football, even little adjustments may have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. Make sure you are aware of who has missed practice this week, whether or not they will be available for the game, and what role they play on the squad.

Checking the Twitter accounts of beat-writers for each club is a smart idea since team injury reports aren’t always clear. Perhaps they won’t come out out and tell you how to make the most money betting on football. But they usually provide you a bit extra information that will be useful in judging NFL odds.

Divisional Matchups Should Be Approached Cautiously

When teams face each other twice in a season, they get quite familiar with one another. Even the worst teams, though, tend to put up a bit more effort when facing a division opponent.

In 2016, three of the NFL’s worst teams—the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and San Francisco 49ers—went 4-2 against the spread (ATS) inside their divisions.

Divisional games are often tighter than expected, even if one club seems stronger on paper. As a result, they are excellent picks for wagers on the NFL point spread but may be hazardous wagers on the moneyline.

Don’t Get Attached to Your Value

Betting the underdog on the moneyline may pay off, but you need analyze the reasons why the odds are so high. If you’re going to take a +800 underdog on the moneyline, you better have a good reason, since the oddsmakers utilized reason and logic to construct that line.

Be careful when putting together parlays and teasers. Don’t overwhelm them with obligations. Since NFL teams are so evenly matched, it’s almost impossible to properly forecast the result of more than a handful of games. Parlays and teasers should only have 2-5 events at the most.

Keep an Eye on the Lines This Week!

It is crucial to keep an eye on the odds throughout the week if you want to increase your winnings. Odds on the NFL vary by online sportsbook and might shift throughout the week.

Consider the weight of popular opinion. Fans will always wager their hearts on the outcomes of games involving clubs like the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New England Patriots. It’s probable that these clubs, known as “public teams,” will be given greater support than the odds would indicate.

The best way to bet against the public is to wait for the line to change in your favor as a result of the public’s emotional wagering. On the other hand, if you’re betting on a popular team, getting in early on the line is your best option.

Spread out your NFL betting

Bettors may profit by taking advantage of the moneyline, spread, and totals in a game. To increase your odds of winning, though, you must be familiar with all of your betting options.

Many bookmakers will let you wager on different spreads or buy/sell points. You might choose a -2.5 spread with a smaller payoff instead of a -3.5 spread that makes you feel uneasy.

Keep an eye out for good odds in less conventional betting markets like player props and in-game wagering. Betting on NFL futures is great fun, but experts warn that it’s very tough to predict the outcome.

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I hope you all have a great NFL season

The aforementioned tips are a wonderful place to start when considering how to place wagers on the next football season. When it comes down to it, making money on sports bets is all about putting in the work to carefully study the odds and choices and carefully monitor your finances.

Open your Saturdays if you want more football excitement than the NFL can supply, and check out our beginner’s guide to betting on college football for additional information. Wagering on college sports is illegal in certain areas and allowed in others, so it’s important to check the local laws before getting in on the action.

While college sports betting is legal in Michigan, including bets on in-state teams, in New York, neither local teams nor events taking place at colleges in New York are available for wagering. Arizona sportsbooks will accept bets on all collegiate teams, but will not allow props based on individual players’ statistics. Bettors in the Old Line State may take heart from the fact that the state looks to be following Michigan’s example in legalizing sports betting on collegiate teams. It is now easier for Louisianans to place bets online thanks to clarifications in the state’s legislation on sports betting.

If you’re new to football betting, don’t worry—Sports Betting Dime has you covered with in-depth strategies and exclusive offers, no matter where you’re placing your wagers. As usual, know your boundaries and enjoy the football season to the fullest!

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