SPORTS NEWS OKBET : Because Matty Beniers takes this order so seriously, he has ordered his parents to cease giving him news stories that mention him.

For the Beniers, the utmost importance rests on maintaining a humble attitude. That’s why he’d rather worry about anything other than what other people think of him.

Given that nobody can seem to stop bringing about Beniers, it’s ironic as well. When discussing the early achievements of the Seattle Kraken, his name usually comes up. When the discussion about the Calder Trophy contenders begins, his name always comes up. Despite the fact that Beniers has only played 27 games in the NHL, he is already becoming a local celebrity in Seattle. Fans often approach him on the street to ask for autographs and take photos.

The rest of his squad has become sick of hearing jokes about him. But they all have so much to say about what makes him unique and why he wants to do the right thing by people around him that it’s hard to know where to begin.

The Kraken’s pregame welcome video devotes 30 seconds to Beniers because fans love him so much. That he represents “The Next Wave” of players who will steer the organization into the future is emphasized.

The fact that Beniers never reads means that he will be in the dark about a lot of things.

I really don’t enjoy seeing things that are about me,” Beniers remarked. “I can’t put my finger on it. It’s possible that I didn’t perform what was expected since I saw others doing it and didn’t enjoy it. So, from an early age, I began doing it.”

Since being selected by the Kraken with the second choice in the 2021 NHL Draft, Beniers has been careful to temper fan anticipation. The Kraken selected Beniers with the expectation that he would develop into a first-line, two-way center and one of the pillars of the team for years to come.

With a first-year record of 27-49-6, the Kraken needed to use the promise of brighter times ahead to attract new supporters. Last year, everyone got a sneak peek at that potential when Beniers signed an entry-level deal with the NHL following his sophomore year at the University of Michigan and scored nine points in his first ten games.

Kraken forward Yanni Gourde said, “Oh my God is he good!’ the first practice he was on the ice.” “That’s when you realize this kid’s got game. A lot of men graduate from college as juniors, and you can’t tell immediately away whether they have it or not. He’s the kind of kid that, the moment he set foot on the ice, you knew he was special.”

In his first NHL game, Beniers recorded an assist, giving him a point. Expectations were raised after his impressive first performance at Climate Pledge Arena. He was a force in both zones, producing plays that were noticeable to even the most casual viewer.

In the same game, he not only played in his first NHL game, but he also scored his first NHL goal. As a result of his performance in the overtime period, Krakens coach Dave Hakstol gave Beniers a three-minute shift. Beniers’ best performance came when he attempted to set up the game-winning goal in overtime with a no-look, between-the-legs pass. His self-assurance was so impressive that he was chosen as one of the three skaters to represent the Kraken in the decisive shootout.

Jordan Eberle, a forward with the Kraken, said, “You’re not unduly astonished by anything he accomplishes.” “Coming straight from a collegiate season into the NHL with that kind of self-assurance is mind-boggling. He’s a child who has a lot of self-assurance, but he manages it well.”

Knowing how to do anything is just half the battle. Beniers, according to alternate captain Jordan Eberle, has the maturity and demeanor to succeed in an NHL locker room. Eberle found it most noteworthy that Beniers made this move late in the season, when the team’s identity had already been established.

Beginners tend to be more restrained at beginning. They look around the changing room in bewilderment for a while before they break the ice and show their true colors. No, not Beniers. Based on what Eberle has heard, Beniers has no trouble blending in with the group.

“It’s easy to become friends with him. It’s easy to start a conversation with him. A fan of chirping, “And Eberle put it this way. “It’s great to have a child that can be manipulated at such an early age and yet respond with self-assurance and defiance, in my opinion. You are a perfect match for the group.”

Matty Beniers


Beniers also fits in thanks to the things he’s brought to the table. He is tied for third in points and second in goals scored (11). He has the third-most ice time among forwards and the second-most time on the power play and the second-most time overall.

Beniers ranks first among rookies in points (11) and second among rookies in goals (5) and assists (6). When it comes to ice time for rookies, he is second among forwards and eleventh overall.

The confidence the defense has showed in him is another factor. When it comes to faceoffs in the defensive zone and shifts started there, he ranks sixth among Kraken forwards, according Natural Stat Trick. The sum of these statistics supports the idea that Beniers is becoming the well-rounded player the Kraken hope he will become in the near future.

Beniers is proving, even this early in his career, that he has what it takes to be a top-six center with a significant effect on games. The presence of Beniers, among other factors, is a big reason why the Kraken have become one of the NHL’s biggest shocks during the first quarter of the season.

He’s a fantastic player and a wonderful guy, so he’s incredibly unique and crucial to our team, Gourde said. “You want to create a company that consistently has a strong roster, but you also care deeply about the caliber of the individuals that make up your team. That’s the way to lay the groundwork for success in a company.”

Excellent human beings. Bob and Christine Beniers wanted nothing more than that for their three children. They first saw it in their youngest kid while watching him play basketball in a youth league in Hingham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

Beniers played basketball with a buddy who wasn’t very talented. Beniers, though, continued feeding him the ball to ensure that he got a couple shots off.

After the game, the kid’s mother came up to Bob and thanked him for what Matty had done. “”My boy never plays with the ball,” she said. That’s the kind of person every parent hopes their kids will grow up to be. To be considerate of others’ sentiments calls for humility and kindness. Compared to hockey, it is of crucial importance.”

After then, Bob heard a different tale. On Halloween, Gourde and his family stopped by the home shared by Beniers and Will Borgen. When the Gourde family arrived, they found Beniers and Borgen already in costume, ready to celebrate Halloween with the Gourde girls before they went out trick-or-treating.

That’s the kind of thing that lets you know they’re genuine, extremely good, super lovely, and we really liked that, Gourde added.

Beniers and Borgen are roommates who bonded through their shared interest in video games, TV shows like “Game of Thrones,” and heated arguments over who is at a lower skill level in Mario Kart.

Carson Soucy, who shares a locker with Borgen, joked that the two of them “text each other from their rooms” during practice.

Borgen said that Beniers is a neat roommate, but he often forgets to put his clothes in the dryer. According to him, they eat out a lot more than they cook. Beniers, though, is the superior chef when the two do cook together. According to Borgen, Beniers’ garlic bread is legendary. It’s probable that Beniers showed off his abilities the weekend before Thanksgiving, when his parents and two brothers traveled in to Seattle to celebrate their version of Thanksgiving with Borgen.

They may spend more time together, try new places to dine, and see more of Seattle by making dinner plans. The thing is, when Beniers goes out to dinner, he gets a taste of what it’s like to be a professional player in the spotlight.

Borgen speculated that some people would be interested in meeting him for several reasons, including “a photo with him,” “saying hey,” and “just staring and looking at him a little bit.” It’s probably his first year of receiving that often, but he’s a good guy and he was brought up well, so he’s handling it well.

To what extent do the Beniers experience…? How does he deal with the pressure of being a first-line NHL center who has a shot at the Calder Trophy and who is contributing to the Kraken right now and in the future in a market where hockey is still relatively unproven?

In other words, “I don’t know!” Everyone around Beniers is laughing at what he says. “I completely exclude the possibility. I like to assume that my standards are higher than those of the general public. There are probably a number of people on this squad who would disagree with the statement “You had a terrific game” if they heard it from someone else. In a lot of ways, I think I’m the same.”

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However, Bob does have a way to put it: it’s bizarre. They remember that it was only a short time ago when Matty uprooted to go play for the National Team Development Program, yet it seems like a lifetime ago to him. He continues to use the knowledge he gained at NTDP. Bob said that Matty’s habit of napping before every game stems from the NTDP’s emphasis on the need of understanding the role sleep plays in maintaining routines.

Christine and Bob sit down to watch Matty’s games on TV. When they get the opportunity, they attempt to see him in person as well. They traveled all the way to Pittsburgh only to see the Kraken take on the Penguins, after all. They took a flight to be there for their son’s twentieth birthday party. According to Bob, Christine made sure their kid received his gifts and a “huge hug from mom” since she knows how much those things still mean to him.

Bob often tells his son that he is a fortunate young man. To help him remember the trip, I’ve also encouraged him to snap plenty of photographs.

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