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The finest sports betting sites provide big bonuses, sharp odds, and unique services like live streaming. Millions of Filipino can profit by watching football, basketball, baseball, and other sports.

Finding the finest online sports betting site might be tough. This guide helps you find the finest sports betting sites. We only propose licensed, regulated online sportsbooks that settle winning bets quickly.

You’ll learn about the best online sportsbooks’ qualities and features to make an informed choice. Keep reading for a complete guide to legal online sports betting, including how to register, deposit, claim a bonus, wager, and get a payout.

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Our specialists have undertaken in-depth evaluations of every authorized online sports betting site and mobile application in the United States. You may find further information on how we rank online sports betting sites lower down the page. After completing our reviews, we evaluated and rated them according to their overall quality.

In the end, we decided that the best sports betting sites is OKBET. They are accessible in many states, where they provide generous incentives, competitive odds, and an outstanding customer experience overall.

However, each of these online sports betting sites has unique advantages and disadvantages. For instance, some are designed for ordinary sports fans, while others cater to high rollers. Learn more about the finest online sportsbooks and locate one that appeals to you by reading on. It is also important to note that you may register with various authorized online sports betting firms in your state and receive a multitude of enticing sign-up bonuses.


You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to learn about the many forms of sports bets. We created this website to assist sports bettors of all levels in gathering all of the information they want on the topic. When you’ve finished reading our extensive tutorial on the various types of bets, you’ll have a solid knowledge of what your betting choices are and how they all work.

Our first order of business on this page will be to explain all of the most prevalent sorts of sports bets. Following that, we’ve created an extra sports betting resources section chock-full of other high-quality materials you may use to further your knowledge on a variety of issues. Finally, we’ll wrap things off with a commonly asked questions section to assist you find answers to any unsolved questions.



Sports betting odds tell you how probable an event is to occur – and how much money you’ll gain if you successfully bet on it.

Favorites are denoted by a’minus’ sign, with the number representing how much money would be required to win $100. Underdogs are denoted by a plus sign, with the number signifying how much you would win if you bet $100.


Favorites and underdogs


  • Pittsburgh -200
  • Philadelphia +100

The’minus’ sign represents the game’s favorite, the team we believe has a better chance of winning. The higher this number, the more probable it is to occur and the more you will have to invest to win ₱100.

The ‘plus’ sign represents the game’s ‘underdog,’ or the team with a greater chance of losing. The greater the number, the greater the reward per ₱100 bet, but the less probable it is to occur.

You may stake whatever amount you like; it does not have to be ₱100.
The odds method simply specifies the risk/reward ratio. It becomes second nature once you know what to look for. Remember that your bet slip will automatically calculate possible payouts for you. There is no need for a calculator.

Sports betting lingo might be perplexing, but when you know what you’re looking for, it’s really rather straightforward.Let’s cut through some of the jargon and examine at three of the most common bets: the spread, the moneyline, and the total.


Spread Bets

This form of wager, also known as handicap betting, can make a game entertaining even if one side is projected to win by a huge margin. How? Instead of just hoping for that team to win, you may wager on them to win by a certain amount of points.

You may also gamble on the underdog team to lose by a certain number of points. The actual figure, or ‘the line,’ is determined by the bookie and may often be changed to your pleasure.

Consider the New York-Philadelphia game as an example.
This time, from the standpoint of spread betting. The line, or handicap, is as follows:

  • New York +18
  • Philadelphia -18

New York is the underdog with a +18 point handicap.

You’d win if you bet on them as long as they lose by less than that handicap or win the game! If you bet on Philadelphia, though, they must win by at least 19 points for your wager to be paid out. The bet would be a ‘push’ if they won by precisely 18 points. This implies you’d receive your money back but not your prizes.

Teams who are ‘excellent at covering the spread’ beat – or do not lose by more than – their allotted handicaps on a regular basis.

New york 18
philadelphia 30
In this score, New York would
cover the spread. This is because
they only lost by 12 points:

New york 20
philadelphia 44

Philadelphia would ‘cover’ with this

score since they won by 24 points:



You’re betting on the winner of the game, sometimes known as a’straight up’ bet. Let’s take one of those New York @ Philadelphia scores to demonstrate what we mean (sorry, New York supporters!).

If you bet on the Philly moneyline, you’d have a winning bet in both of the final scores shown below. The margin of victory is unimportant.
Only if New York won outright would you lose your bet.

  • New york 18
    philadelphia 30
  • New york 20
    philadelphia 44

over/under (Totals)​

With the Over/Under, or Totals, you’re not betting on either team to win, but rather on the total amount of points scored by both teams throughout the game. The Over/Under is determined ahead of time and is based on each team’s historical performance.
Two teams with great scoring records, for example, will have a larger ‘total’ than two teams with stifling defensive records. You may wager on the game going above or under the ‘total’.

Let’s assume the over/under for that hypothetical Philadelphia game was 52, and you chose the ‘over’.

Parlay Bets​

Parlay Bets

By mixing many wagers, parlays enable you to enhance your earnings. All must win for your wager to be paid out. For example, you could bet on San Francisco, Green Bay, and Chicago all to win on Sunday, but you’d lose if any of them didn’t. This is a three-team parlay, but you may add up to twelve teams to enhance risk and hence possible rewards.


To improve your odds of winning a parlay, establish a Teaser by changing the spread or total of the bets in question for a lower pay-out.

The original point spreads for two football games, for example, are New England +3 (-110) at Kansas City and Los Angeles +3 (-110) at New Orleans. You decide to back both underdogs with a six-point teaser. You now have New England at +9 and Los Angeles at +9. To win your bet, both legs must win, much like a parlay. A ₱10 6-point teaser, on the other hand, would only pay out around ₱9, but a conventional parlay with the same teams would have paid out about ₱26.

teaser betting

Cash out

This is a live betting tool that enables you to withdraw your profits before the bet is resolved. The amount you get will be determined by the possibility of the bet winning at the moment you cash out, and it may be higher or less than the original investment.

For instance, suppose you wager on Philadelphia to cover the -18 point spread. Philadelphia takes a 14-0 lead in the first quarter, and rather than sweating out the remainder of the game, you opt to cash out. You will have the opportunity to earn a reduced winnings amount before the game is completed if Philadelphia covers the -18 point spread at the time of your cash out.


Player and Game

Proposition bets, often known as prop bets, do not refer to the outcome of a game, but rather to any number of events that may occur during it. You may, for example, wager on a quarterback throwing a particular number of touchdowns or a running back gaining a specific amount of yards. These are sometimes known as’side bets’.

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Depending on the betting site, sports betting apps are usually safe. Most betting apps are safe. There are also dodgy betting apps that are scams.

A location that allows customers to place bets or wagers on sporting events is known as a “sportsbook.”

Long-standing online sportsbooks with good reviews, ratings, and reputations are safe and reliable. Personal and financial data are 100% protected. Top online betting sites are registered and regulated, and their privacy policies are easy to find.

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